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Step 1: Program

The design process typically begins with a verbal description of the proposed project. Through discussion, the client(s) and I begin to define the problem. What are the spaces to be enclosed? How large are they, and what are the relationships between them? What is the relationship between the building and its site? How does it relate to the ground, and are there "outdoor rooms"? What are the principal views, and what rooms must have them? What rooms need morning light? Beyond investigating how the building works, there are discussions about how it looks. Is there a preferred "style" or combination of images that are important to integrate and incorporate into the design?

The first step is to examine the above questions, discuss them, and develop a clear statement of the building's physical and aesthetic requirements. This is a process of listening to the client's needs and drawing on my own experience and creativity to generate as clear an understanding of the clients goals and objectives as possible, before pen is put to paper.
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 Step 1: Program

 Step 2: Schematic Design

 Step 3: Design Development

 Step 4: Construction Documents

 Step 5: Contractor Selection

 Step 6: Construction

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