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Step 6: Construction

During construction I will observe the progress of the work and assist the builder in constructing the building as efficiently as possible. The range of involvement varies with clients and builders. If the job has been "bid" and there is a fixed price contract, the architect normally plays a somewhat pivotal role, acting as the owners' representative and interpreter of the contract documents. In a negotiated contract with some sort of "cost based" formula, the role is more that of interpreter and mediator rather than enforcer - since that is the way the relationship proceeds the best. The architect will also monitor the money that is spent and provide a consolidated financial report of the status of the job as it progresses. The architect is not, however, responsible for the building being built properly; that is the contractor's responsibility. A meeting is generally set prior to the commencement of construction so that all have the correct expectation of their respective roles during construction.
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